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Our sevices

We help to get rid of pain and maintain better health. We prevent injuries, treat them and offer the best solutions for recovery.


The aim of the physiotherapy is to restore movement and functional ability. Physiotherapy includes physiotherapeutic assessment, planning and implementing a treatment plan, which involves different physiotherapeutic methods like  physiotherapeutic exercises, manual therapy, massage, compression therapy, dry needling or taping (kinesio taping, sports taping).

The aim of the sports physiotherapy is to contribute a long athletic career through preventing injuries and sports specific rehabilitation. Sports physiotherapy includes the monitoring of the training load, science-based planning and intervention, training therapy, strength training for improving the performance, sports massage, manual therapy, taping, cryotherapy, compression therapy and other physiotherapeutic methods.

Dry needling is used to reduce the muscle pain and tension. Acupuncture has been used in Oriental medicine for thousands of years but in modern medicine it’s mainly used on the purpose named above.


Massage therapy is a complex of manual techniques which aim is the manipulation of the soft tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments). Massage therapy helps to recover after a training by reducing muscle tension, relieving pain and improving circulation and tissue metabolism.
The indications to the massage therapy are muscle tension, muscle pain, decreased range of motion, stress, tension headaches, weakened immune system, slow blood and lymphatic circulation, fatigue, sleep disorders.
The contraindications to the massage therapy are malignant tumours, acute traumas (including fractures), systemic inflammations, heart and kidney failure, infectious diseases, open wounds, hypertension.

Sports massage is a form of the massage therapy which involves a stronger manipulation of the soft tissues. Sports massage helps to improve performance by speeding up recovery processes after a competition or a training. Sports massage is also used before a competition to prepare the muscles for a greater effort.
Regular sports massage helps to prevent injuries, improves the quality of a training and prepares the body for a competition.
The contraindications to the sports massage are malignant tumours, acute traumas (including fractures), systemic inflammations, heart and kidney failure, infectious diseases, open wounds, hypertension.


Kinesio taping is a therapeutic taping technique which was developed in Japan. Kinesio taping facilitates the healing processes of the body by reducing pain and swelling and by supporting and stabilizing muscles and joints.

Sports taping is used in rehabilitation phases and preventing an injury by supporting and stabilizing muscles and joints. The tape is normally applied on the skin before a sports performance and is removed afterwards.

Personal training

Personal trainings are instructed by physiotherapists who help to find the suitable training load and exercises according to clients’ abilities and expectations. Everyone who is willing to improve their health and get stronger is welcome.
First we will assess your ability and health condition for the following steps. We can achieve your desired results – either reduce lower back or neck pain or to be able to run a marathon or start training in a gym safely.

Trainings take place in the GYM or in our training room to teach the technique of the exercises. We can use barbells, resistance bands, suspension training system or just our body weight.

There is also a possibility to organize a personal training outdoors. There is a possibility to have a personal group training (up to 4 people).

Normatec compression device

Normatec compression device helps to recover faster from workouts, injuries and surgeries.
It can be used on the calf, thigh, shoulder and elbow area. The device can be rented from us or used in our center.

Sport specific injury risk screening

We offer various programs for testing athletes and thus preventing injuries. Both individual athletes and teams can come for testing. Testing programs vary depending on the sport and interest.

Do I train too much or not enough? When should I increase or decrease the training load? How to prevent overuse injuries? We can help you answer all these questions.

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